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Message from President


At NFR&T, we have been leveraging the knowledge Nomura Group has accumulated over many years of asset management evaluation and analysis to make us a pioneer in developing a system for evaluating asset management products and providing investment solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Across the globe we are continually seeking new and superior investment products that produce maximum added value over the long term. Our fund analysts research and evaluate investment products for reliability and potential, their day-by-day goal being to maintain and improve the quality of these products.
The results of their analysis allows for efficient portfolios and the ability to provide investment solutions: investment advisory services to fund of funds, which are portfolios of the best of funds.We make full use of our own unique finance technology and conduct effective investment advice to these funds through risk management in the pursuit of added value for our customers.

We take our mission as being the delivery of investment solutions that earn the consistent trust of our customers, through our analytical expertise and technological strength.

We will continue to focus on innovative new ways to provide asset management services to our customers from our twin bases of fund research and technology.
We are committed to satisfying each of our customers and hope we will gain their trust in the process.

Nomura Funds Research and Technologies Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiro Yokota, President

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